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Rise Meetups are all about enhancing social and collaborative impact internationally. The meetupas are held by professionals, for professionals, and are free of charge. Register below to join the next round of meetups that is relevant for you.

At Rise we believe that cooperation brings upon success. When we work together, we all realize better results with deeper understanding of challenges and appropriate solutions. Our meetups offer a practical opportunity to work together and problem-solve challenges collectively. Meet professionals who share your ambitions, passions and dilemmas.

Rise innovative meetup model:

  • 6 professionals from around the world
  • 6 sessions, on a monthly basis
  • a 75 minutes online video conference
  • a professional host

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What our partners say

“I feel a great part of something international. RISE helped me in my role for Herts Mind Network but also with my personal view, values and perspective.”- Mark Peart, Employment Specialist, Hertfordshire Network, UK
“The Meetups group allows me to have an international exchange with colleagues from different countries that I would not have known otherwise. To see that we all working for workplace inclusion, to see the differences but also the similarities in our daily work, that impresses me.”- Renate Gierscher, Supported Employment Manager, GPE, Germany
“Generally, in Rise Meetups, it is so interesting to exchange knowledge with professionals from different countries and cultures, professionals who still face similar adversities, are willing to share their knowledge and also gain new practices from you.”- Maria Mouka, Employment Specialist, Margarita, Greece

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We welcome you to join the professional Rise Meetups, that connect service providers and professionals from around the world.