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Our Enterprises

At Rise, we are proud of the new generation of sheltered workshops that we developed, placed in the heart of the community to create a social and economic impact based on community engagement. With years of market experience, we are now bringing brands that revolutionize rehabilitation to your community and organization.

What do YOU get from Rise?

  • A plug and play application
  • A full toolkit for fast and easy implementation
  • Supportive technological systems adapted to your language 
  • Long-term support all the way to success

Learn more about a few of Rise’s enterprises:

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A social second-hand bookstore chain that also serves as a vocational training center for people with mental disabilities. The training provides soft and hard labor skills and tools that include book collecting, sorting, sales (in store and online) as well as customer service. With these tools service users re-adjust and better integrate into the general workforce. Rebooks also reinforces environmental values by recycling books, and provides a meaningful rehabilitative occupation embedded in the community.

Good Dog

Dog walking service provided by dog loving people with mental disabilities. Our dog walkers receive an individualized and professional training in dog walking, including care related how-to’s for dogs such as first aid and basic dog training. In addition to these skills our walkers are provided with soft and hard employment skills and relevant business guidance and tools to build and run their own dog-walking business.


A chain of secondhand clothing and designer outlet stores featuring casual and urban women’s clothing. Each store is embedded in the heart of a lively and thriving community and works to maximize its engagement and interaction. The staff, drawn from our service users, enjoy and benefit from practical training including styling, sales skills, customer service, inventory management, shop window design, digital marketing, as well as sewing and repairs. This training is designed to provide service users with the tools and skills needed to join the general workforce. 

Good Coffee

Social coffee shops that provide professional vocational rehabilitation training for people with social disabilities and youth at risk. Its main objective is to promote practical experience in operating a kitchen, cooking, barista and customer services in addition to a variety of positions in this industry, all while enhancing interpersonal skills.


A network of commercial booths and stalls that sell unique crafts and high-quality presents and gift packs. Products are also marketed directly to businesses, conferences and events. All featured items and products for sale are manufactured by our Integrative Production Plants and are a key element of  vocational rehabilitation, TNX equips persons with mental disabilities with the skills and tools they need to operate a high-quality and professional commercial stall that provides professional customer service at the heart of communities.

Zot Zot

A digital printing studio that specializes in the design and production of digitally printed products including woodblocks photos, tote-bags, coasters and more. The studio provides vocational training in a computerized and technological setting. As part of their training, the service users are involved in all stages of production: design, image editing, customer service, print supervision and orders-system management, as well as professional graphic design platforms and apps.
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Integrative production plants

Progressive factories that provide vocational rehabilitation for service users. By equipping them with skills and functional trades, factories serve as accelerators for rehabilitation and recovery. The factories manufacture chocolate, candles, soaps, paper products and sweets and include a wide variety of training programs both in-house and off-site.

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Our staff will be pleased to work with your team to apply our toolkit to your unique business needs. Our model and knowledge can be adapted to your industry to support the transition to an inclusive social employment model.
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