Rise by Shekulo Tov

We dream big, and we make it happen
Rise is the leading global brand of Shekulo Tov Group founded in 2005, and currently provides services to more than 3,400 service users. Shekulo Tov provides person-oriented community based vocational rehabilitation and supported employment services based on the award-winning Integrative Unit Model.
We connect with other organizations to generate the broadest possible social impact for the inclusion of people with disabilities.


We enable vocational rehabilitation from within the community, to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.


Our vocational training covers 8 social brands, with 120 training units nation-wide.


Our innovative Integrative Unit Model has successfully placed over 30% of sheltered workshop participants in open labor-market jobs, earning at least a minimum wage.

The Integrative Unit Model

Shekulo Tov’s Integrative Unit Model represents and essential shift in thinking about sheltered employment, from the “train, then place” or “place, then train” model to a simultaneous process of “train and place.”

Shekulo Tov’s social businesses function as community-based training centers. Our supported employment services are attached to these training centers, providing services from the earliest stages of vocational rehabilitation, even if the participant hasn’t yet expressed an interest in open labor market inclusion. 

The Integrative Unit Model helps participants to bridge the gap between sheltered employment and supported employment. It eases the transition, making it a natural part of the rehabilitation process and giving participants a much-needed safety net and sense of belonging. 

We maintain a “person-centric” policy. Some of our participants find a job after 6 months, some after a couple of years, and some take much longer. We realize that person-oriented services based on support, encouragement, and a range of rehabilitation options and promotion tracks lead to an increased inclusion rate.

What our partners say

“Meeting Rise experts was a very impressive and inspiring experience. It gave us the opportunity to exchange in methodologies and ways of understanding the support of vulnerable groups. I would recommend this experience to any organization working with adult PWID and mental health issues.”- Ester Triadó, Director of Occupational Therapy Services and Home-residencies, Grup Fundació Ramon Noguera, Catalunia
``I was very impressed to learn how intensively Rise lives their philosophy and how many interesting projects they have to offer. All colleagues are welcome to the open discussions. Our cooperation is very profitable and uncomplicated for our organization, GPE.``- Jörg Greis, CEO GPE - Gesellschaft für psychosoziale Einrichtungen gemeinnützige GmbH, Germany
“I feel a great part of something international. RISE helped me in my role for Herts Mind Network but also with my personal view, values and perspective.”- Mark Peart, Employment Specialist, Hertfordshire Network, UK

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Spanning the globe, our socially entrepreneurial methods focus on a person-centric approach grounded in deep professionalism and true inclusive employment.
When it comes to social impact, we see beyond national borders.